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Before you go any further, think about this carefully.
We are going to let you explore the depths of your relationship and although you might be sitting there feeling good and loving eachother, things may get rough if you're not up to it.

You see, we developped some exercises for you to help improve your relationship, but some things should be said in advance: you really HAVE to do all the exercises seriously to get some result and you need to make sure that the person sitting there with you is the one you WANT to be with....if not, please go back or wait till you're alone, so you can explore the pages we build especially for your gender.

So you think your bond is strong enough to live through this site? Good for you.

Then you might be interested to get some more insights in your minds, through some little exercises we designed just for you.
If your relationship proved to be strong enough to survive this, you may want to take a look at the do's and don'ts within a relationship.

But of course it's not all serious around here. You'll find a page with jokes in which you should learn to laugh at yourself and your partner and a test that provides insight in the traits you've been trying to hide for eachother. And, last but certainly not least: numerous tips about probably the most important subject in this world: sex...

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your minds
the great test
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