wait a minute Before you go on enjoying yourself, make sure he's out having A beer
with his friends ...
We wouldn't want to give him the idea that you like to watch cute men
as much as he likes to leer at some gorgeous blond, do we?

Now, check your ID. It should say 'female' and you're supposed to be at least 18.

Ok, all clear? If not, please click here.
If it is...Enjoy our site!

So you were born without that strange little wormy thing men so proudly refer to as 'Penis'? Be glad...

We're here to tell you all about their weird working minds.
By the time we're done, you'll be glad to be born a woman.
Even better, after you've read our part on the do's and don'ts when handling men, you'll probably look at that strange species in a whole different way... But of course it's not all serious around here. You'll find a page with jokes on our favorite subject, a test that provides insight in the Mr. Right for you and last, but certainly not least: numerous tips about probably the most important subject in this world: sex...

do's and don'ts
his mind
the great test

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